A New Way to Access Tons of Premium Biz Software Deals In One Subscription


 AppSumo, the deal site for online businesses and digital entrepreneurs has curated a subscription bundle of premium business software. The company is known for being a conduit for new desktop and mobile apps to offer heavily discounted access to influencers, rising StartUp Founders, website developers, marketers and more.

The new format offers over $1,000 worth of software for $49. We can say we’ve signed up and are using it and find a way to install and test out a new app or ser vice each month. It is the best deal for entrepreneurs and biz owners.

What do you get?

Sales and Business Development

Tools to help you get more clients, reach into new markets, and grow your business.

Design and Product

Easily create beautiful designs for your website or marketing assets and take your products to the next level.

Marketing and Blogging

From SEO to social media and analytics to blogging we’ve got you covered on all of your marketing needs.

Briefcase (2)

Admin and Accounting

Get the tools to manage your billing, accounting, and administrative tasks to properly organize your business.

Common Questions

Do I get access to every tool in Briefcase for $49/month?
Yes. Absolutely! Every tool above is included in your Briefcase subscription.
Can I cancel at anytime?
Yup. Unlike your ex, we don’t get hung up about commitment. Leave us anytime, we won’t get mad. To cancel, just send an email to briefcase@appsumo.com saying you would like to cancel and our support team will take care of it.
Will more tools be added to Briefcase?
Of course. We’ll be adding more high quality apps to help you grow your business!



GROW YOUR BUSINESS. Get access to dozens of software tools to help you create, grow, and scale your business!

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