Because Video Marketing is Essential for Biz Growth, You’ll want to Attend this Free Online Summit


Video is BIG! Seriously, all research and reports indicate that it is going to get even bigger for marketers, advertisers, content creators and the like looking to reach larger audiences online. Here are some sobering stats, compliments of Tubular Insights:

1. 68% of marketers believe that original digital video content will be as important as original TV programming in the next 3 years.

2. Original digital video content now accounts for 44% of budget, up from 38% two years ago.

3. In the US, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than ANY broadcast or cable TV network, and YouTube does that on mobile alone.

4. In the US, during prime time, more 18-49 year olds tune into YouTube than into the top 10 TV shows combined.

5. Among US teens, 8 of the top 10 most popular and influential celebrities are YouTube stars.

Decoding the best way to use video to connect with a market can be mystifying. This is true especially for novices or those who are used to the older ways of engaging readers, viewers and consumers, generally, on the Internet.

To offer some significant insight, Social Media digital media publisher Liam Austin, creator of the wildly popular Email Success Summit and Instagram Success Summit has assembled an impressive panel of over 30 experts in video marketing for a 4-day online learning event.

The Video Success Summit launches on September 13 and runs through the 17th. We attended the Instagram version of the same event earlier this year and it was worth every penny and more. Rather, it didn’t cost a cent. Amazing for all the value you get. But the seats are filling up fast and there are only select number of days left until it starts.

Pick up your free passes HERE and check out some of the speakers that will be presenting during what promises to be a highly informative event.