Google Forms Upgrade: Get Better Insights from Customers with Customer.Guru


 It is quite true that while Google Form surveys are easy to execute and send out, the level of insights gotten from them is pretty low level. And let’s face it, customers usually ignore surveys.
They’re a weekend text from a coworker.

And when surveys do come in, they aren’t really insightful in determining customer satisfaction.

Here is where comes in and helps.

Customer Guru gives your business information that can predict future growth and value through effective and informative surveys.

Theses surveys are not like the ones you’re used to. Customer Guru users typically see their response rates go from 5% to 50%!

This massive increase in responses is attributed to the service’s  smart automatic follow-ups system and the fact it has a very simple layout.

Customer Guru automatically generates reports for businesses to summarize the data pretty effectively.

These reports will show customer satisfaction depending on what/when they ordered, how many times they’ve ordered, geographic location, and more.

There is a deal that expires tonight that will give you $600 worth of service for just $39! But they’re coming from AppSumo’s deal account and when they expire that’s it!

Here’s what you get with the plan:

Lifetime Access to Customer Guru's Tree Plan

Customer Guru’s Tree Plan is regularly priced at $50 a month.

This plan lets you survey 1,000 customers every month.

Removal of Customer Guru branding for your surveys is also included in this deal.

When you consider the fact that you’ll probably get around 500 responses per month, $50 doesn’t seem like a bad price.

But, because Sumolings are the chosen ones, you all can grab lifetime access for a mere $39!

You are paying less for lifetime access than what the average Joe is paying for one month!

Start using surveys that work!

What’s coming up on the roadmap for Sumolings?

multi-survey version is coming Q3/Q4, and will be available to all Sumolings who buy this deal now.

Just shoot Customer Guru an email when it’s released and they’ll provide you with a free upgrade!

Lifetime Access to Customer Guru's Tree Plan

Lifetime Access to Customer Guru's Tree Plan

Customer Guru surveys are much more effective than conventional satisfaction surveys.

This is because Customer Guru lets you track segmented customer satisfaction with Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Lifetime Access to Customer Guru's Tree Plan

What is Net Promoter Score?

NPS is the number you get when you subtract the percentage of customers who are considered “detractors” from the percentage of customers who are considered “promoters.”

Customers will either be promoters or detractors depending on how they answer one simple question on a scale of 1 – 10: “How likely are you to recommend (your company) to a friend or colleague?

(Then, the survey will give them this open-ended question, “why?”, so that you can get an explanation.)

This question has proven to be the “ultimate question” and the answers help drive profits and growth.

Lifetime Access to Customer Guru's Tree Plan

Sending a Customer Guru survey is ridiculously easy.

Step One: Customize your NPS survey.

Step Two: Upload your customer e-mails or set up automatic survey scheduling using one of Customer Guru’s 750 integrations!

Das it!

But with Customer Guru you can also:

    • Embed an in-app rating widget directly into your site
    • Survey in multiple languages (English, German, Spanish, French, and more!)
    • Integrate with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords (tailor ads and push ratings and analytics)
  • Customize a “Thank You” page based on customer’s rating that they can share/like on social media

Lifetime Access to Customer Guru's Tree Plan

Lifetime Access to Customer Guru's Tree Plan

Unlike those sleazy people outside of clubs, you’ll look forward to hearing from these promoters
Customer Guru will provide you with the actionable feedback you need to make better decisions and grow your company.

But lifetime access to something this vital won’t last long.

Jump on the bandwagon while you still can!

Grab your lifetime access to Customer Guru’s Tree Plan for only $39 now!