The Pope Gave a TED Talk About Tech Inclusion Today


You might have already known that the Pope was revolutionary, speaking on all sorts of topics that his predecessors wouldn’t dare touch, so it should come as no surprise that he weighed in on Tech Inclusion during a TED Talk today.

In his first ever recorded speech and first time addressing an international conference, Pope Francis talked science, technology and culture to the crowd at the annual conference in Vancouver, Canada.

In his pre-recorded message, Francis expressed that he felt we all, individually, have moral responsibilities to each other, stating that  “each and everyone’s existence is deeply tied to that of others: life is not time merely passing by, life is about interactions.”

While still acknowledging global scientific and technological advancements, he warned that  we shouldn’t forget the human connections that we have.

“How wonderful would it be if the growth of scientific and technological innovation would come along with more equality and social inclusion,” he said to the crowd. “How wonderful would it be, while we discover faraway planets, to rediscover the needs of the brothers and sisters orbiting around us.”

Finally, he asked that companies and organizations be mindful of putting products ahead of people.

h/t Verge