App Makes Low-Key Casual Event Planning A Breeze


Sometimes you want to organize a little low-key, impromptu event but don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a Facebook Event or an Evite.

Tagamo comes to the rescue.

The way it works is that you send out an alert using hashtags and other buzz words plans to go out for drinks, meet up for a movie, go for a group bike ride, hit up a new brunch spot or some other casual event. The geolocation feature lets those who are your friends nearby know about the plans. Another feature lets users “call out” those who they think may be interested in joining. Friends who think they may want to “come with” then “tag” along. Afterwards, all those tagging along can communicate with one another, discuss final plans or alert other attendees with updates such as if someone is running late.

It’s less noisy and confusing than group texts or group messaging.

Spruce up the activity event announcement by adding a photo from your library or the Tagamo library.

Tagamo is a tool for organizing casual events that would appeal to GenYers.

“Millennials are more active than the media gives them credit for, but they’ve grown up in an on-demand world that long ago disposed of traditional event scheduling and organizing.” Player Haynes, co-founder and President of Tagamo of the Brooklyn-based company, said. “Group messaging is too messy and exclusive, and Facebook is too formal for the types of flexible low-pressure events Millennials commonly attend, like outdoor sports, music shows, or casual drinks.”

Creating events in Tagamo was designed to be quick and seamless. Co-founder and CEO Patrick Haynes said, “My brother and I set out to solve a problem that we were facing daily: we wanted to alert local friends of cool activities we were thinking of doing without making it a big deal, while also doing our part to solve the FOMO – fear of missing out – epidemic. Tagamo makes it easy to join what you want to join and not worry about spoiling someone else’s fun if you change your plans or decide to pass.”

Nice! The app is available in the Apple store for FREE HERE!

And now the promo vid to check out: