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SumoCon is back (and fatter than ever)

From partner site AppSumo 

Do you know what the single greatest thing you can do for your business is?

No, it’s not talking to your customers.

It’s not reading another book.

It’s not even attending that “sold out” online summit.

It’s attending a real-life conference filled with real-life entrepreneurs.

Dollar for Dollar – Minute for Minute, there is NOTHING you can do that will have a higher ROI than surrounding yourself with people that have gone through the same challenges you’re currently facing.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely path and unless you went to Bill G U, I doubt many of your childhood friends understand what it’s like to hire and scale a team, grow from 7 to 8 figures, or deal with customer fallout.

But you know who does? Fellow entrepreneurs.

We’re such big proponents of conferences, last year we decided to take a stab at throwing our own…

SumoCon is one weekend to focus on BIG WINS for your business. Experts from all over the world will fly in to spend 4 days teaching you tactics you won’t learn in any business book.

    • When: Thursday, Sept 28th – Sunday, Oct 1st
    • Where: Austin, TX
    • Who: Entrepreneurs looking to grow an existing business

And to maximize the mentorship you receive, we’re limiting this to only 180 guests.

(Make sure your business is already established before you come. We’ll be focused on growing your business, not helping you start one this particular weekend.)

These experts come to SumoCon with the intention of spilling secrets you won’t find in business books. (We aren’t talking small hacks, we are talking big levers that change business trajectories!)

Why are they willing to spill these secrets?

Because we promised them booze and tacos.

So, they have all booked their flights and are ready to teach you how to take an established business to new heights.

Take a look at the world-class bunch we were able to lure to SumoCon:

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

And more to be announced :)
On an ordinary day, you’d easily be paying thousands of dollars to be in the presence of these experts… just for a few hours.

(With the amount of knowledge they have, it’s worth it.)

But, because these experts have just as much fun at SumoCon as Sumolings do, they charge significantly less to speak and mentor than normal.

So how much does a ticket to SumoCon cost?

Only $1,000!

Many of these experts charge thousands of dollars for just one hour of their time. You get an entire weekend to learn, eat, drink, party and hang out with them at SumoCon!

Just you and 200 of your new closest friends (things will get intimate… not that kind of intimate Jake).

This ticket not only includes all of the sessions and networking events, but also a ton of high-quality meals, premium drinks, and entertainment! (Travel and lodging is not included.)

These aren’t your typical conference dinners. I’m talking farm to table dinners at two of the nicest locations in Austin.

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

Dinner @ Eden East with Premium Open Bar :)
Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

In between talks we’ll be breaking you up into groups of 25-30 ppl for workshops you select that will have you actually working on your businesses’ specific needs.

You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group for all speakers and attendees. (But, please, no poking.)

In an effort to maximize the amount of one-on-one time you can spend with our experts, we’re limiting this to only 180 guests.

We are talking a 9 to 1 speaker to attendee ratio.

60 tickets were already pre-purchased by last year’s attendees before they even knew the dates.

We are down to the last batch of tickets!

Want to make sure you’re one of the 180?

Click here to go to SumoCon!

FYI: Our goal is to reinvest ALL of the profits from SumoCon 2017 ticket sales into this event. This is all about you guys.

Unlike other conventions that have attendees spend hours yelling “I’m so motivated!” at each other, SumoCon will spend it’s convention time giving attendees tons of actionable information.

From keynotes to happy hours, CEOs giving actionable talks to breakout sessions, this event is jam-packed with memorable experiences. (And loads of tacos!)

These are just a few of the topics we are covering at SumoCon:

    • Hiring & Growth
    • B2B sales
    • Content marketing, social media & copywriting
    • How to kick-ass as a freelancer
    • FB ads, PPC, and SEO
    • eCommerce
    • Scaling physical products
    • Outbound Marketing techniques
    • Exit strategy: Selling your company
    • Systems & processes to help you scale
  • And many more subtopics for you to choose from to help you 10x your online business

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

As we continue to tailor our agenda for you, we will fill-in and update the schedule
Who would most benefit from attending SumoCon?

Any Sumoling who has an established business that they want to take to the next level. (Sumolings that meet this requirement and have pictures of their dog(s) on their phone are strongly encouraged to attend.)

Whether you’re a freelancer, blogger, in SaaS, have physical products, etc., you will have the catered attention/advice you are hoping for from our diverse panel of experts.

“If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.”

At SumoCon, we guarantee you will never be the smartest person in the room. (And, as long as I’m in the room, you will not be the dumbest.)

Come learn from, network with, and enjoy the presence of fantastic mentors and peers at SumoCon!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

You and your business deserve this!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!

P.S. We are serious about the 180 attendee limit. We will not lift the velvet rope no matter how many $20s you try to slide us.

P.P.S. Whoever Noah picks as his BFF at the conference will get a SumoCon 2018 ticket for free!

Get your ticket to SumoCon now!