Crime Stoppers: Cities Now Pay You to Install Private Surveillance Cameras at Your Home

CCTV security camera for home protection & surveillance.

CCTV security camera for home protection & surveillance.

Washington, DC is the latest city to hop on the bandwagon of giving residents rebates for installing private outside surveillance cameras at their home that could be used by police to solve crime.

This past Tuesday, January 12, the DC council passed a bill proposed by Councilmember Charles Allen which would allow up to a $200 per camera installed and registered with police, with a maximum rebate up to $500 per residential property and up to $750 per business, commercial, nonprofit or religious institution.

The city previously funded the $500,000 program. All of the city’s 5 wards would be eligible to receive the rebates but the highest crime areas in each ward will receive priority for rebates.

To get the rebate, the residents must register the camera with the police who will then be able to access it when there is a nearby crime.

Over 1,000 residents in Philadelphia have registered their private cameras with police through its SafeCam rebate program. The cameras have been instrumental to detectives investigating criminal activity.

h/t Fox Five