NEXT: Uber’s Getting into the Trucking Biz


Uber started with the simple idea of pressing a button and getting a ride.

Six years and more than two billion trips later, Uber has grown into the  the largest global ride sharing network and branched into new businesses like UberEATS and Uber for Business.

In a new press release, Uber states that it is bringing that magic to one of the most important industries in the country: trucking.

Truck drivers are the heart of the American economy.

They drive about 10%of all miles and haul a whopping 14 billion tons of freight every year. That averages out to almost 250 pounds of goods for each American every single day. Truck drivers take on a great risk to make sure we get the products we need, from the produce in our local supermarket to the clothes at our favorite stores. But running a trucking business isn’t easy.

Uber Freight aims to empower truck drivers and small trucking companies to run and grow their business.

The formal launch of the app marks Uber’s long-anticipated move into the trucking industry — potentially disrupting one of the most popular professions in the U.S., CNBC noted.

In a recent blog post, Uber that the new app will relieve stress for drivers by confirming rates and loads within seconds, and delivering payments within a few days, much faster than the month-long waiting periods that are typical in the industry.

The program has been in testing mode for a couple of months and is currently operating in Texas. Like Uber’s existing ride-hailing app, it is based on location, an Uber spokeswoman told CNBC.

Also, an Uber spokeswoman told CNBC that only professional drivers can use the Freight app.

“We fundamentally believe that by focusing on drivers’ pain points we can solve the industry’s biggest challenges,” Uber said in the blog post. “Happy drivers means happy shippers, and ultimately everyone benefits, including the end consumers of the goods.”

h/t Uber Freight