Solocam could be perfect for Periscope/Meerkat broadcasters 

We saw TechCrunch‘s feature of the Solocam, which is a selfie stick aimed towards professional journalists.

However, we see its utility for the new generation of Periscope & Meerktat users too.

Solocam will come with a high-definition bluetooth microphone attached that is similar to the one professional camera crews use.

It also comes with an app that has special features such as a digital TelePrompTer and other special visual effects. The camera is mounted so it is angled down and you don’t project from that dreaded under-the-chin unflattering position.

The basic version costs $50 and the pro version $149 and it comes with upgrade microphones and additional attachments so you can mount other cameras and not just your smartphone.

The makers are now accepting pre-orders.

So while it may look awkward using it in the public or at a casual event, for a Periscoper or Meerkatrer broadcasting at home or doing a mini presentation from their phone, Solocam could eliminate the shakiness of their videos & increase the sound & overall quality of their broadcasts.

After all, video IS the future.