The Rebirth of the Cassette Tape: Hipsters are Fueling the Comeback

cassette tape rebirth

This could be the reverse-tech story. The mix-tape is making a comeback. No really, not like a digital recording titled “mixtape”, but actual cassette tapes.

Just like how vinyl records were a trending comeback story recently with the under 35 crowd, they’re rediscovering a new relic. It’s the new trend among hipsters.

And it looks like cassettes may replace the vinyl resurgence.

The National Audio Company, the largest of the companies still manufacturing cassettes,  sold nearly 10 million units last year. This number of sales is amazing considering vinyl records got more press and buzz and only sold 13 million last year, reports.

Two major labels, Sony and Universal, bought 70% of cassettes along with a few indie labels, but the remaining 30% sold were blank tapes!

Vintage retailer Urban Outfitters is getting in on the business. It too announced that it will be selling cassette tapes again and will offer tapes  from several artists, like hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, indie pop artists Halsey and Marina and the Diamonds — and rappers Action Bronson and Method Man, New York Daily News reports.

And the upsurge even convinced  the once mega tape recorder maker Tascam TEAC to reintroduce tape decks long out of production, the Washington Post reports.

Cassette tapes debuted more than 50 years ago, in 1963, then declined during the emergence of the CD and MP3 players.

And despite the fact digital sound is superior and best for replication, some just don’t mind the long wait to fast forward and rewind. They relish that old time sound and, to them,  it’s worth it.