Words With Friends Adds ‘Turnt’ ‘Bae’ and Bestie to Its Dictionary


One of America’s most popular word-game apps just got a huge injection of new vocabulary.

Words With Friends, the Scrabble-like game developed by Zynga, added more than 50,000 words to its dictionary on Tuesday, including modern-day slang like bestie, turnt, and hangry.

Other words that will now be playable include delish, queso, wordie, bae, and even acronyms such as FOMO — that’s “fear of missing out” — and “TFW” — or “that feel when,” in internet-speak.

Zynga is calling the massive expansion its “Social Dictionary,” and timed its release to the game’s eighth anniversary, the company said in a press release.

According to the company, many of the newly added words were ones that users frequently requested through the game’s word-lookup function.

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