Back to School Tech and Bulk Supplies Deals

Whether you’re heading back to school yourself or you have a child heading to college or making his or her way back go grade or high school, now is the time to start buying much-needed supplies, clothing and tech gadgets for several reasons.

One, a lot of states have tax-free weekend and weeks going on now that you don’t want to miss out on. Depending on how much you spend, you can wind up saving over $50 in saved sales taxes. (Get a list of the weekends here!)

Also, a lot of retailers are deeply discounted their items now in hopes of a sales surge before school starts. If you live in a rural area where your nearest Walmart, Target or big box office supply store is miles and miles away, you can head online and purchase some items in bulk to last the entire school year and score the same amount of discount as offered to brick and mortar retail shoppers.

Here is a roundup of some common back to school items with bulk deals from

For Grade School Kids and Beyond

Notebooks – Box of 24 for $5.65 making it  $.23 each.

Marble Composition Books – Pack of 12 for $19.99 making it $1.66 each.

Vinyl Folders – Pack of 12 for $11.97 making it $.97 each.

Pencils – Box of 12-packs of 12 for $13.66 making them $1.13 each.

Crayons- Box of 6 for $10.03 making them $1.67 each.

Colored Pencils – Pack of 3 for $8.00 making them $2.66 each .

Pens – Pack of 144, equivalent to 12 pack of 12 for $13.99 making them $1.65 each

Glue Sticks – Pack of 30 for $9.99 making them $.33 each.

Binders – Pack of 4 for $7.77 making them $1. 94 each.

Markers  – Pack of 5 for $13.22 making them $2.64 each.

For Live-in Dorms and College Bound Kids, here are some pretty decent tech deals we spotted:

Epson Expression Home XP-440 Wireless Color Photo Printer with Scanner and Copier – $49.99

Samsung Chrome book for $124.00 

Igloo Mini Fridge – $139.

Alarm clock and iPod dock for $19.