Powerball Frenzy: This Startup manages Office Lotto Pools for Digital Nomads Who have Friends but No Offices

social lotto pool

This Wednesday’s multi-state Powerball will be the largest ever in the world and in the history of lotteries: $1.3 billion currently (and climbing as more people purchase tickets before the drawing)

Are you a digital nomad, single person business owner or solopreneaur who doesn’t work in a traditional office and therefore cannot participate in an office pool? No fret! Online pools are becoming popular among friends in social media. Online gambling is illegal for commercial operations, but there is no law against you reaching out to your friends across the country to increase your odds of winning!

Northern Virginia-based SocialLottoPool.com aggregates lottery tickets together into large lottery pools to increase chances of winning the lottery.  Members can play in Mega Millions, Powerball, Money Ball, and Cash 4 Life.

Users can join for $9.99 per month of $99 annually and can join the site’s pool and/or organize a pool with friends in social media. Members can pick their own numbers too.

How it Works   Social Lottery Pool

To date, out of 3,166 tickets purchased, the odds have increased by 4.95 percent and about $490 cash has been won. “SocialLottoPool.com is the best social lottery pool website that allows users to easily and securely order official state lottery tickets online,” the site brags.


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Perhaps if more people learn about this option, it will pick up traction and the odds will continue to increase!