This Website Helps You Figure Out if That Unsolicited Text or Call is Legit


Ever get a text or call from a number you don’t recognize with a message that sounds odd, peculiar or with an offer that’s too good to be true? Before you call back or reply, head over to one of the many places on line where fellow consumers crowd source their experience with random numbers.

We bumped into OKCaller recently when one of our editors kept getting repeated texts from a company claiming that his student loans were eligible for forgiveness.

The problem: He didn’t have any student loans and the one he had was long since paid off. After wrestling with whether he should reply and get ot the bottom o f it, he searched and found OK Caller.

After plugging in the number, he saw several reports of that number from other users! Nice! Saves the time and aggravation that would have been caused had he opened up a Pandora’s box to future communication by actually responding to the number!

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Head over to OKCaller and let your family and friends, especially older relatives know that they can check before panicking!