Amazon Gets Into 1-Hour Liquor Delivery Biz


Amazon is getting into the online liquor delivery biz! Yes indeedy!

The mammoth e-commerce site announced yesterday, Tuesday August 25th, that it plans to roll out a test service where it will deliver liquor orders within one hour to customers around its corporate home in Seattle, Washington.

Loads of companies are in the food delivery and a few have gone into the Uber for Liquor delivery biz as well.‘s service will be processed through its Prime Now program and will cost an additional $7.99 for a one hour delivery charge or free if you can wait another hour. Two-hour delivery is free.

The city of Seattle is the only place in America that can get liquor but other jurisdictions can get wine. In London, however, already delivers liquor there quickly, Bloomberg reports.

Amazon estimates sales to be $1.4 billion in sales by 2020, according to IBISWorld.