Hey Lean StartUps, Today’s Amazon Prime Day to Scoop Up Deals


On July 10, the site will kick off Prime Day — the yearly promotion in which Amazon slashes prices on a wide, sometimes comical, variety of items for its Prime membership customers.

 Prime Day has proved a massive sales day for Amazon. And the company promises this year will be no different, with hundreds of thousands of deals for Prime members all over the globe.

Amazon has given a few hints about what’s to come. Here’s what you need to know.

30 hours to shop

Amazon’s day of deals will actually run for 30 hours this year. It will kick off at 9 p.m. ET on July 10 and run until 3 a.m. ET on July 12. Throughout Prime Day’s run, new deals will be offered every five minutes, the company says.

Greg Greeley, vice president of Amazon Prime, says the goal is to offer deals to “a record number of shoppers.”

Amazon says customers who do not already have Prime memberships can sign up on or before July 11 to take advantage of this year’s deals. Prime costs about $100 per year.

There will also be deals on Amazon’s Prime Now platform, which offers same-day delivery in select cities.

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