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One smart watch maker has already upped the anty on Apple Pay and Android Pay  and has come up with a way to pay for items using a watch strap! FitPay which makes Pebble watches recently introduced its new  Pagaré watch strap which communicates with payment terminals and expedite check out process.

The strap is a smart accessory and attaches to Pebble watches via a hardware extension port. Using a built-in NFC and an accompanying app, Pagare lets users pay without pulling out a card or a phone. Simply place your wrist against the terminal anywhere users see the contactless symbol.

Paegre at movie

The makers say contactless payments are accepted and millions of retail locations worldwide.


To fund the manufacture, its creators from the startUp FitPay started a Kickstarter campaign to finance the technology.


They have already passed their $120,000 goal and as of this post have raised close to $200,000 from close to 2,000 backers for a campaign that ends next week, March 9! Wow! FitPay says it has plans to expand the available payment locations to include transit, theaters, garages and other places where people use credit cards to pay.