This App will Help You Spot Fake Reviews on


Ever consider buying a product on but when you click on the reviews, after a few glances, you start to notice a pattern? You pause and quickly consider whether the reviews are authentic. hmmm.

Worry no longer. There is a new app out that will help you determine if that $50 product is as good as a $340 competitor in the same class as some supposed reviewer claimed.

Enter Fakespot.  The site analyzes Amazon product reviews that you cut and paste from into its analyzer tool.  Or you can check using a Fakespot icon that you install in your toolbar via a  Chrome extension.  The service will even let you know if the product reviewed was purchased by the reviewer or not.

The best part is that it is free!

We figure you could also use the tool to bust the chops of your buddy who came out with his ebook a week ago and brags that he had amassed over a hundred positive reviews. Well, really, don’t use Fakespot to be a jerk.

But definitely consider using it to help you determine if you should take much stock in a review or not.

It’s too easy not to implement.

h/t CNET