Digital device in bathroom is parents’ preferred escape from kids, survey says

bathroom moments

A new survey found that more than one-third of Americans admit to regularly using a digital device while in the loo. 

Of the 1,000 US adults over the age 18 surveyed by Wakefield Research on behalf of Lysol No Mess Max, 60% of parents copped to reading on their digital devices while in the bathroom. This compares to only 25% of those people who do not have kids.  

This latest survey corroborates a 2012 survey by another group which found that  75% of Americans admitted to using their mobile phones in the bathroom, with 63% admitted to receiving a phone call and another 41% admitting to initiating a call. 

Maximizing every moment of our lives, we see.

We summarize the findings to be this:

1.  Parents need escape from their kids and the bathroom is the safest place to do so (so long as you have a working lock that can keep the rugrats out).

2. Digital devices have replaced the newspaper or magazines as the best source of information and entertainment during extended stays in the John.

We’re going to check out Lysols’ newest invention, this No Mess Max product, designed to clean the toilet with a patented gel after every flush, delivering a continuous clean for up to four weeks.  And we’re going to be getting plenty of “got-a-get-away” moments in the restroom doing so.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your bathroom breaks.