7 Cool Holiday Kitchen Gadgets This Year

kitchen gadgets
Gadget Review did a round up of 15 Top Thanksgiving Kitchen Gadgets. We believe these could be handy during the entire holiday season and for any time you’ll be having a dinner party or

1.        Masterbuilt Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer – Gone are the days when you had to order from someone at the office to fry your turkey because you didn’t want to burn the house down trying to operate one yourself. They’ve gone portable and safer. Well, this is the first time Electric Turkey Fryers have been sold widely in box stores so we’ll wait until after the season to check out the general reviews.

2.        ThermoWorks Thermapen – Know when your bird is done with this digital thermometer just for large meat. It’s going to come out dry anyway 9 times out of 10. Might as well be safe and thoroughly cooked.

3.        All-Clad’s Deluxe Slow Cooker – Because you’ll be managing  the prep and cooking of several different dishes at the same time, this slow cooker is a plus! Pop your ingredients in and tend to other things. Easy Breezy.

4.        Demy Kitchen Safe Recipe Reader – This recipe reader is made just for the kitchen. It’s great for quick reference for measurements and easy access to recipes. Sweet!

5.        Handpresso Hand-Pump Portable Espresso Machine –Enjoy after dinner desserts with a personal cup of espresso to top off a nice meal. Your pants will be unbuttoned and you’ll be about to lapse into a food coma while watching the game, so espresso would be great followup.

6.        Kalorik Dual-Zone Wine Cooler – Who wouldn’t want to keep their wine cool and crisp before, during and after a big meal? This seems like a great idea. It doesn’t have great ratings in Amazon.com but it sure looks cool anyway.

7.        Rapala Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife – Who controls the turkey knife rules the world. You’re the master of your home handling one of these. It looks pretty cool too.

Happy Thanksgiving!