5 Ways to Use Tech to Clean Your Life for 2018

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It’s the start of a New Year. If you are making a resolution to de clutter your home, get in shape, streamline your space, virtually and in  real life, thankfully, there are apps and technology to help you do that.

Here are 5 ways you can use tech to help you start any new year cleaning house you plan to do.

1. This previous Techyaya post with 14 Apps that will help you sell your old stuff. 

2. Get help fixing up your home or cleaning it out with one of the several apps out there that will connect you with plumbers, handymen, cleaners and more. We like Task Rabbit, but there are others like Handy, and Takl

3. Use your Christmas Gift Cards to purchase items to help you get in shape and eat cleaner.

4. Get some storage boxes, crates, and other tools to use as you organize your home delivered to your door. Companies like TidyLiving, which is having a sale of up to 75% off its entire site, will deliver your organization materials to your door. The price is reasonable, the items are top quality and you don’t have to hoof it to the Container Store and schlep stuff into your vehicle to bring back home!

5. Invest in some of the high tech tools out there, like Super Sonic Scrubber, to get rid of dirt easier than with silly manual tools like brooms, sponges and rags. Fortune did a really good round up of tech tools.

Good luck!