6 Elements to the Perfect Tweet

perfect tweet

Fast Company’s Twitter 101   is very thorough, comprehensive and includes several references, and links to studies and graphics (see below).

The article, aimed at small business on social media,  informs on how to convert your tweets into Retweets, sales and action. It included the best time to share on Facebook and Twitter and several analytic data on various audiences and how they receive information shared over social media.

From analyzing the analysis and narrowing it down in the basic list form,  it appears the formula for what makes perfect tweet is:

1. Be a complete sentence.

2. Be about 100 characters in length

3. Not contain more than 2 hash tags

4. Includes more verbs than nouns

5. Has an image or video attached; and

6. Includes certain words that stimulate the tweet reader to act.

Here are the graphics to support these conclusions:







Got it! Check out Fast Company for the complete post!