Poll: Only 5% of People Trust Facebook with their personal information

Americans trust Facebook the least with their personal information and the company got the second highest vote for “most likely to violate privacy” in a recent poll.

A  Reason poll released on April 3 found that most people trust the Internal Revenue Service with their personal information compared to other institutions.   Approximately 35% of those surveyed said they trust the IRS most, compared to a mere 18% who said they’d trust the National Security Agency (NSA).

Social media platforms are not trusted much.  While 10% trust Google only 5% trust Facebook with their personal information.

The reason for that number may have to do with the fact that 26% of those surveyed said they thought Facebook was most likely to violate privacy, although the NSA topped the list with 36% believing it will violate privacy.  This is compared to Facebook getting 18% and Google 12% of the no-confidence vote of the 1,003 mobile and 503 land line Americans contacted between  March 26-30, 2014 for the survey.