Soon Even Independent Publishers will Be Able to Use Facebook’s Instant Articles


Today, Facebook announced that beginning April 12, it will permit all publishers to access its relatively new tool for quickly publishing content on its platform called Instant Articles.

Last year, Facebook launched  its Instant Articles publishing platform.  The perks of the tool is that it allows super fast-load  to users’ mobile device at a rate 10 times faster than the average article upload. It is the same technology that allows images native to the site to quickly load. A typical article load is way longer because all the modules for serving ads and analytics also must onboard.  Instant Articles strips all the excess and makes the content delivery and consumption efficient and seamless.

And when the tool opens up to Independent publishers, they too will finally get to experience the benefits select larger publishers are getting.  The publication’s logo  appear at the top of every story, along with a “follow” button that you can click to subscribe to their Facebook page and get more stories. Publishers can also opt to include authors’ and photographers’ Facebook photos at the top of the story; clicking takes you to their profiles and lets you to subscribe to their public posts. The body of the story can contain photos, image galleries, and videos, and publishers can use a web view to embed objects like tweets and interactive graphics.
Wheee! We’re all for it!

The rollout coincides with the upcoming F8 developer conference, the Verge reports.


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