‘The Purge: Twitter Edition’ Social Media Site Removes Millions of Fake and Dormant Accounts


The great Twitter Purge of 2018 took a lot of victims. The social media company recently attempted to boost its own reputation about being a haven for bots, and fake accounts by removing previously dormant accounts. The move meant tons of people lots dozens and some, millions of followers overnight. Several people purchase followers to inflate their appearance of influence, but many others are followed by accounts that actually are abandoned by the intial users. So that accounts for a lot of the loss.

CNN summarized the biggest drops:

President Donald Trump lost 204,000 of his 53.3 million followers.

Singer Justin Bieber lost about 2.7 million followers, while President Obama’s total dropped by nearly 2.4 million. That represents almost 2.5% of their respective followers.

New organizations took a hit too. CNN’s breaking news account lost roughly 1 million followers, while the main New York Times account lost about 730,000.

Twitter’s own account wasn’t immune either: It shed more than 12% of its followers, or about 7.8 million users. That made it by far the biggest loser. Company CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted he personally lost 200,000 followers.

Microsoft cofounder and philanthropist Bill Gates lost nearly 900,000 followers, while basketball star LeBron James’ follower count dropped by 880,000.

Yikes! Techyaya, sister accounts and many other users with followers between 500 to 1,300 and above all loss followers today.

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