These Are the Newest & Latest Features on the Most popular Social Media Sites

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Twitter finally rolled out the gif function to mobile and Web so now you can search for GIFs by keyword and insert them into tweets and direct messages with a single tap.

“More than 100 million GIFs were shared on Twitter last year, the company says,” USA Today reports. “And now Twitter is looking to GIFs as another way to increase engagement on the service that is struggling with slowing user growth.”

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Brands and celebs now have a new way of learning how well a video or campaign does on Instagram.

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The social media company has rolled out view count for videos. The idea is to entice more brands to advertise. A view will only count if the video plays for longer than 3 seconds so simply scrolling by won’t impact the count, CNET relays.

It’s all part of Instagram’s overall push to get more companies to advertise on the photo-centric social app, ever since began showing ads in 2013, the tech site notes. Expect more tools and metrics like this one in the future that will lure in more companies to advertise and help you see your own photos’ and videos’ popularity.

It took them a few months of testing but the guys at Facebook finally rolled out the new “reactions” emojis this week.  Facebook announced this past Wednesday that users will have five new reactions — Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry, Mashable noted.
We are loving them and using them like crazy over here at the TechYaya offices.


After years of us begging, Instagram also recently opened it up so more people can be able to toggle between multiple accounts without logging out and back in. The site announced the availability earlier this month and now more users are getting excited to actually have the functionality on their phone. instagram

To activate, “go to your profile settings to add an additional account. From there, tap your username at the top of your profile to switch between accounts. Once you have multiple accounts added, you’ll see your profile photo appear in places throughout the app so you can always tell which one you’re using at the moment.”


The video-sharing app Snapchat was making money moves this week as well. It will now let users create their own specific location filters for little as $5. The customized filters for a specific location on a map


A representative for Snapchat told CNBC it will limit most geographical areas to just six or seven geofilters, so users aren’t overwhelmed with too many options, Yahoo! Finance reports. Previously, users have been able to use location-themed filters for a neighborhood, city, or even an entire country. Snapchat said it’s received more than a half a million user-submitted filters.


Just in time for the Oscars, social media bulletin board platform Pinterest has added new rich data to recipe and movie pins.


In a recent blog post, Pinterest provides some of the top-trending recipes for watching the Oscars along with new data including the ingredients, cooking times, and servings information to its recipe Pins.  Pinterest has said that 90 percent of its users pin food and drink recipes using their mobile phones and  recipes are one of the most-pinned categories on the site.


Also, the new Rich Pins provide movie ratings to pins about movies. Users can also get cast members, and movie reviews. It’s a take from last year’s addition of the Buyable pins. And a part of the celebration and update, they’ve also created a board of Must-Watch Movies, which includes 20 of the top movie pins on Pinterest if you’re looking for movie-night suggestions.

The additional data is intended to make it easier for users to get all their information in one place without the need to click around and go to an external site.

Fun! We hope you’re enjoying all these great new features as much as we are!