NEXT: This Portable Drone is Perfect for Guerrilla Citizen Journalists and Content Producers


If the makers of the Fotokike are able to crowd fund raise the $300,000 it is seeking, they will soon put on the market a $500 drone that novice photographers, sports enthusiasts [think Go-Pro from the sky], and guerrilla journalists can use.

 Fotokite Phi, which is made by Swiss StartUp Perspective Robotics AG, looks to be the answer to rabblerousers, curious, trouble makers who like to push the edge and push buttons! We love the sound of it already. The Fotokite Phi folds to the size of a thermos and provides instant access to the capability of quickly capturing aerial shots. It is supposedly easy to use.

The Zurich-based team of 6 that developed the drone created the core algorithms for it and other products they’re developing from three years of PhD work at the Flying Machine Arena at ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


You can already pre-order yours from the team’s Indiegogo site and join the 400 people who, over the course of just two days,  have helped raise close to $125,000 as of today’s posting on Thursday.

The drone is only weighs 12 ounces and is touted as being compatible with GoPro Hero 3/3+ and 4.

The possibilities are endless, albeit ripe for getting in trouble as more nations around the world start to clamp down and regulate other unmanned aerial vehicles like thesee.