Social Booking is Future of “Gigging” for bands


We knew it would happen soon someday: Crowdsource funding for traveling bands.

The Rabbl app uses a proprietary “social booking” platform to help bands get gigs, plan tours, engage fans and lock down fill-in dates.

Venues no longer have to take a chance on booking  up and coming bands only to have a less than stellar turn out for their performances.

The Rabbl app empowers artists to let their fans bring them to a city and location by purchasing enough advanced tickets from the venue to make it worth the booking.   If enough tickets are reserved to meet the artist’s or band’s goal, then the show is booked.  It could be a powerful connector for artists, fans, promoters and venues.

The creators of the app recently announced that they’ve raised $775k to expand the social booking platform and  offer more support and options for venues, promoters, and artists.

“We’ve been really pleased to see the reception that artists of all sorts have given RABBL,” said Wade Lagrone, CEO and Co-Founder of the San Francisco-based company. “And it’s a great vote of confidence that investors, too, see the same opportunity we do,” adding “so far, RABBL is proving to be a very versatile tool for breaking acts, reducing risk, and engaging fans. We expect big things in 2014 and have a lot in the works already, on our way to making social booking a huge new part of the live music business.”

Currently, there are over 700 artists and 12 venues (including in Denver, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco) on the RABBL platform, with more added each day. To check out RABBL, please visit

This could be a very good game changer, indeed!