This is the Uber of Laundry Services…No Really



Uber has spawned a sub-industry of start ups claiming to the the Uber of [fill in the blank].

There are several pick up and wash laundry services already in existence but London-based start up Lavanda uses a network of washers who will come get your laundry within 24 minutes of placing an order online.

It works faster than which offers a similar type of service and lets you order then follow your laundry on its journey.

Also, similar to, Lavanda uses independent, self-employed people, but Washio’s washers are local, hence why they can pick up your laundry faster. That is another way how it is like Uber.

Co-founder Guy Westlake explains that anyone with a washer and a smartphone can become one of his pro washers.  The company provides the necessary training and special equipment to tackle all laundry needs.

That aspect of Lavanda  is what also sets it apart from other outsourced laundering services like Laundry Locker, SFawh or  Sudzee that rely on professional laundromats to do the actual cleaning.

Interesting…too bad it’s only in London.  We foresee it expanding soon or seeing a copy cat app in the States soon.