Get These Small Biz Saturday Deals From Our Founder!

From Founder and Editor, JayJay Ghatt! It is Small Business Saturday! Last year, I encouraged my readers to support the brands for which I am an affiliate for but this year, I’ve opened up three online shops and am… Continue Reading

You’ll Never Find THIS much Info on Online Biz Launch for This So Low a Price

Sponsored Content The digital and online era allows entrepreneurs and wannapreneurs to quickly and easily launch a business without requiring the traditional paperwork, funding, and resources of business of yesteryear. The Digital Publishing Academy, an online learning platform and resource,… Continue Reading

We rocked this online webinar for professionals that want to get online (WATCH)

We hosted an awesome webinar tonight targeting professionals and those who have been thinking about creating an online business. It was info and value-packed. We’d love for you to check it out! Afterwards, there was a very valuable offer valued… Continue Reading