CES 2019: Wrap Ups From 12 Tech Sites


From the 70 inch roll up Television Sets to Cat DNA to Smart leashes and Smart Diapers and Flying Cars, the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada is where to go to discover all the coming soon innovation and technology.

Here is where to go do find out how our fave tech sites are covering this year’s show which is about to sunset for another year this week.

CNET Wrap Up

Wired Magazine’s CES Wrap up 

3 The Verge CES coverage

Engadget CES Finalists

Mashable at CES

Tech Radar CES

BBC Tech

Digital Trends Complete CES coverage

Forbes CES in Photos

10 Barron’s CES

11 Investor Place at CES

12 USA Today Choice Awards

Some manufacturers

Intel 2019

LG CES 2019

Sony CES