Mobilegeddon: Google plans to shake up mobile search in TWO days! (VIDEO)


Mobilegeddon is coming…This Tuesday, April 21 to be exact!

That is the date that global search engine giant Google plans to release its new mobile search formula. In sum, it will be the new way Google directs search traffic by users on mobile
devices. Website owners are scrambling to make sure their sites are mobile-ready and won’t get left behind during the big shake up.

The new formula will identify sites that are mobile-friendly, and those selected must load quickly and have navigation options that do not require visitors to scroll left or right to access content.

Also, buttons for making purchases must be easily accessible and seen. The new algorithm is from recognition of the explosive growth of mobile devices and fact that a third of google searches today are made on mobile devices.

The new algorithm will not affect searches made on desktop computers.  Those operating a site that isn’t mobile friendly or optimized can expect to possibly see a significant drop in traffic after this Tuesday.

We’ve got to think this has got to mean a boom for U/X and mobile site developers who may be fulfilling frantic orders and calls from customers.


h/t CNBC