The $10 Per Month Smartphone to Buy Your Tween/Teen For Christmas


This Holiday gift-giving season, a lot of parents will be getting requests from their tweens and teens to get mobile phones and smart phones. But let’s face it. Not a lot of moms and dads out there are too eager to fork up $500 to $1000 to a buy a device for a 13-year old, especially an in-demand device which is susceptible to getting stolen.

Also, imagine the frustration if the kid loses the phone! My 13-year old kept nagging us for a phone recently and this Summer we succumbed to the pressure but without paying that hefty Samsung or iphone price.

His older brother’s phone needed to get upgraded so we headed to our local Verizon Wireless shop and quickly learned that a brand new 2018 Moto Z 3 was available for just $10 per month for each line.


The best part is: we didn’t have to pay any additional money when we signed up for a two-year plan and added our sons to our family plan.

The phones have all the functionalities of the fancier and pricier Android devices and the photo quality isn’t bad either. Here are a couple of photos I took with my eldest son’s phone.




It’s pretty large, about, which is too large for me but for two boys, with large hands, it was decent. We got a couple of hard covers to protect the devices from cracks, scratches and dings and were on our way!


We’re going on a few months with the phones and haven’t had any issues whatsoever! I highly recommend them as they are a superior and premium alternative or option to a more expensive phone with all the bells, whistles and functionalities of one.

Get yours Moto Z 3 from Verizon Wireless  or check to see if your carrier has one. You can probably also get

Jay Jay Ghatt is an editor of TechYaya. Follow her on Twitter at @Jenebaspeaks!