GoDaddy’s New ‘Flare’ App is a Tinder for A/B Testing


So…what do we think about GoDaddy‘s new “Flare” app which looks like it is a marriage of Tinder and A/B testing? The new app launched this week (only on iOS for now) and it will be a space where StartUps, Founders, Entrepreneurs and Wannabepreneurs can test out ideas.

Users can ask other members of the site things like, “would you pay $10 for this product or service?”  Neat. As summarized by TechCrunch:

The app’s main page is a list of three ideas that you can either swipe left to ignore, or swipe right to indicate interest in. If more than 10 people indicate interest in a specific idea, it becomes popular, and enters the stage where users can answer the various questions posted by the entrepreneur. But why only three ideas and not a scrolling list? GoDaddy wanted to maximize the amount of feedback each entrepreneur would get, so it is forcing users to give a yes or no answer as to if they like the idea.

There is the concern that this app could be used as a way to swipe ideas instead. Who knows? We’ll test it out and get back to you!