Memorial Day Weekend: The Coolest Gadgets to Nab for the Warm Weather Season


It’s Memorial Day weekend which is the unofficial start of the summer and warm weather season. It also means grilling, backyard parties, pool gatherings and trips to the beach and camping. If it’s in your budget, this weekend is perfect to take advantage of the Memorial Day specials and sales and to pick up some neat gadgets for the season.



If you plan to spend some time on the grill, you may want to consider a gadget that helps clean your grill like Grillbot’s automatic grill cleaner. You drop it on the grates and it goes around picking up blackened and crispy chicken bits. It’s $119!


They certainly don’t make porch gliders like they used to. In fact, they’ve gotten better. Check out this hanging chaise that comes with a canopy. It’s part hammock, part chair! Nice! Bellezza makes it and it retails for about $220!


If you want to get one of these stainless steel party coolers with Bluetooth speakers that Brekk makes, for example, to take to the beach (or to a tailgate party or camping this summer), you’re going to have to rush because Amazon only has three left in stock as of this posting in May 2016!

Others retail between $200 and $500. Shop around and you could get a good deal with the sales this weekend.

fire pit

And if you have a pool or backyard and want to toast marshmallows or hang out late on chilly nights, you’re going to have to invest in an open pit, of course! Look at Sun Joe’s cast stone fire pit! It’s a beaut! You can get one for about $200.

floating water table
Finally, you don’t have to hide it or deny it. You know you want a floating ping pong table. It’s okay. We won’t tell and it won’t set you back too much at under $80. Swimline makes a cool one!