Instagram Accounts Center Update: A Change Instagram Content Marketers Don’t Want {VIDEO}

Anyone who has multiple Instagram accounts and are used to being able to share their posts from any one of their accounts to Facebook may not like the new Accounts Center feature the social media platform is rolling out.

Back in September, Facebook announced that it had launched a new accounts center interface which would make it easier for users to toggle in between Facebook and Instagram, then later Whattsap, using one login and one profile.

“Accounts Center” can be found in the Settings section of Facebook,  Instagram and Messenger and give users the ability to manage their connected experiences across Facebook-owned apps, like Single Sign On and Facebook Pay, for example.

The purpose of the new feature, Facebook explained in a blog post on its site, was to make it seamless and easy for users. Also, as Facebook plans to roll out more app payment options, it will be easier to authenticate and track users if there is only one account.

The feature doesn’t require users to use the same profile identity across Facebook, and will continue to allow a personal profile on Facebook to be used on Facebook and a separate one while using Instagram to promote your business or hobbies. Nonetheless, from now on, users can connect only one Instagram profile with one and only one Facebook personal profile or page.

That particular aspect of this new functionality will be a hinderence to people who manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Bloggers and influencers who manage more than one IG account, marketers, social media managers, virtual assistants or other users who use Instagram to promote their businesses, brands or websites to followers may not like the new limitations that come with Accounts center.

Editor Jay Jay Ghatt’s YouTube hypothesizes that there is an alternative reason for the change that has to do with tracking IG business users.