NEW: This StartUp Lets You Bring the Yoga Studio To Your Home or Work

Easypose   Yoga to Your Place.™

A brand new on-demand in-home yoga company is giving away a free session this month to celebrate its 1-year anniversary. Los Angeles-based EasyPose connects businesses and consumers with a network of yoga teachers via a website and mobile app platform.

If you live in the Southern or Northern California and the  New York Tri-State Area, use the promo code #FREEFLOW to get one of the company’s two thousand network teachers to come to your home.

The concept is innovative.

A recent study revealed that 36 Million people practice yoga, but while 80 million started for the first time in 2016, only 6 million continued past their first time. This large attrition rate can be attributed to the numerous pain points that yoga newcomers experience in the traditional yoga experience such as overcrowded studios, intimidation, lack of personalized attention and social anxiety, a press release from Easypose reads.

The cost per month for one session is $80, $144 for two sessions; and $256 for 4.  The StartUp also invites companies to bring a yoga studio to the workplace and to gift sessions to their employees.

The company has been featured by USA Today, Self Magazine, Yoga Journal, Fox, Good Day LA and is used by companies such as Salesforce, Bertelsmann, Chow Now, eHarmony and Prezi. Yoga to Your Place™.

Jump on this deal, if you’re in the service area.