NEW: Twitter to roll out ‘Quote Tweet’ option


Finally, those of us who always have something to say about other peoples’ tweets have some reprieve.

Mashable has discovered that Twitter is experimenting with a new “Quote Tweet” feature.

Unlike when you ReTweet and have to delete some of the original tweet to make room for your comment and fit it within the 140 character limitation, with the new RT with Comment option under development and being experimented among select users, you get an entire 140 characters to  comment.



The feature was first spotted on the stream of Twitter’s head of communication Carolyn Penner. See above:

Without prior warning or announcement, random users picked to test the feature in beta, saw the option when they went to RT a tweet.

Twitter   peytonlhardy   mahalabritt I clicked reply ...


Neat! We’re an avid commenters so this is good.  What do you think?


h/t TechCrunch, Business Insider, FavStar