Next: Google and Facebook Unroll New ‘Pinterest’ Like Apps

Pinterest just surpassed Snapchat as the #3 social media platform behind Facebook and Instagram, according to eMarketer.

With success comes competitors looking to infiltrate that massive growing market and capitalize on the appeal.

It looks like Google and Facebook are coming for Pinterest’s market share or at least interjecting themselves into the social bookmarking site’s model.

First, Google’s in house innovation lab called Area 120 which creates new inventive experimental apps launched a short-form video app called Tangi focused on DIY projects and creativity.

And following that, recently, Facebook quietly rolled out a new photo-sharing app that also looks similar to Pinterest called Hobbi, for sharing ideas.

The Facebook Hobbi app, now available on the App Store in select markets, lets users capture and organize their creative processes like cooking, baking, arts and crafts, fitness or home décor.

Per Gizbot:

The app is aimed at hobbyists or those who’re looking to pick up a new hobby.

The Hobbi app, just like Pinterest, organizes a series of photos into collections, making it easier for users to keep a track of their progress over time.

For now, Facebook hasn’t introduced a social sharing component, where Hobbi photos and videos could be shared on other Facebook-owned apps. Users can create a video of the projects on Hobbi alone.

Hobbi isn’t the first one to originate from the experimental team. There are apps like Whale, to make memes; Bump, another social media app; and Aux, a music DJ app. If you haven’t heard or used any of these, you’re not alone. None of these apps have achieved much success.

It remains unclear how the new Hobbi app would fit into the Facebook brand.