Yes, Women are Renting Instagram Husbands


First came that hilarious viral “Instagram Husbands” video about women who are slaves to their Instagram feeds and force their spouses or significant others to take all the ethereal pics they can dream up.

Then came the Tumblr site of the same name which features submissions from other IG Hubbies out there.

And now for as low as $22 per hour, in some areas, you can actually rent your very own Instagram Husband from gig-economy website TaskRabbit.

The guys at the successful StartUp offered the category for the first time this past fall, targeting single Fashion Bloggers for NewYork Fashion Wee. One influentual Fashion grammar, Harpers Bazaar editor Lauren Alexis Fisher, took them up on the offer and hired her very own. (She wrote about it in a hilarious post last September)

It was touted as being available for a limited time, but the category is still up on the site as of this April 2017 posting.

We did a search for the Washington, DC area and got a list of several photographers and not just men either.

The price range our search pulled up was between $22 to $125, with search results having a variety of experiences and reviews of their work.


And while searching, we found a pretty dope young lady who offers personal assistant services! Nice to see the wide range of tasks people are renting themselves out to complete.

Get on this if you can, and if it’s offered in your area.

Your significant other has had enough of being forced to take 1,000 pics of the same brick wall from all sorts of crazy angles. This is quite the perfect solution.