AlumniFire launches a networking platform powered by alumni


It is no secret that the alums in schools are the greatest resource for support to educational institutions but there are not that many opportunities for the alums to connect with one another outside of homecoming.

AlumniFire is a new social networking platform that aims to change all of that. AlumniFire reports to be the first networking platform powered by alumni.

Think graduate school for facebook or an online interactive alumni office for your former summer camp. The founders behind this concept are Andrew Margie and Trip Tate. TechYaYa had an opportunity to talk with CEO Andrew Margie about the launch of AlumniFire.

TechYaYa: Why start AlumniFire?

AlumniFire Margie: Alumni networks are the most valuable tool for connecting with people but are never used. Nine out of ten alums would prefer to hire alums from their college or someone from their affinity network. Frustrated with the digital networks we decided to start AlumniFire. It’s powered by alumni. We ask our users, “How can you be helpful? How often can you do it?”

TechYaYa: What’s next for AlumniFire?

AF Margie: We were in project beta last year. During that time we were able to determine how users behaved and how to tweak the service from there. We started with higher education but we’re not solely an ed-tech company. We see ourselves as an affinity networking tool by creating value to affinity groups to keep in touch with their alums. As such we’ve been approached by companies, nonprofits and even summer camps. AlumniFire is concentrated on the value you get out of affinity networking.

We at TechYaYa look forward to hearing more from this tech startup in the future.

Check out AlumniFire here: