Female Founders create Wearable Tech bracelets That also Teach Girls to Code

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Female founders came up with a wearable tech bracelet that teaches girls to code and retain their interest in STEM at that critical stage when girls get turned off by math and science.

Sarah Chipps, a nonprofit co-founder and fashion-tech entrepreneur Brooke Moreland created Jewelbots which is a friendship bracelet that is technology enabled jewelry. The bracelets communicate with friends by lighting up when a BFF is nearby. It can even send messages to a friend in another class.

The Arduino bracelets also expose girls to coding because they come with open-source software. Users can use basic engineering logic to program the Jewelbots to do a lot of other fun things. The point is to open girls’ “minds to STEM during an age when many lose interest,” the company website reads.

The team also includes co-founder and adviser Maria Paula Saba, a coder and NYU post-doctoral student who developed the first prototype of the bracelet.

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The makers have launched a Kickstarter campaign that is close to reaching $100,000 towards its goal with under 20 days left in the fundraising.

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