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A couple years ago, New York businessman Kyle Donovan invented the iFork  to help separate utensils from surfaces to keep them from being contaminated and from soiling counters as well. After realizing some success and getting his invention into Wal-mart and Shop Rite stores, Donovan is back at it again, this time launching a Kickstarter campaign for his iPlate and iCup.

The contraptions allow party goers to balance their plate and drink with one hand and keep their other hand free to shake hands, open a door or do something else.

We might have seen similar inventions. For example, there’s the Great Plate and the Go Plate.




Donovan’s iPlate  is still different and his plates are disposable. The plates and cups can be washed and reused.  These photos from his Kickstarter page illustrate the problems the iCup and iPlate solve:
iCup   iPlate by Kyle Donovan — Kickstarter
If you want to be one of the first to experience iCup and iPlate, check out the Kickstarter Campaign, you can by going HERE to support the cause:

Pledges of $10 or more will guarantee you some iCups and pledges of $15 or more can get you a whole family set.