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It’s a competitive job market out there now and the fact of the matter is that only 2% of applicants advance to the interview round! What a depressing stat!

So what they say about “first impressions” really matters when it comes to competing for a job among the very highly qualified folks out there these days. Think about the fact that recruiters spend less than 6 seconds determining whether your resume (or CV as it is often called) is worthy of a second look.

VisualCV steps in to make sure it does.

Over 1.9 million job seekers have used VisualCV to stand out from the pack. Users pick from a variety of industry-approved templates, then customize their resume for each application for each job. It’s important not to send out boiler plates.

They can then track the results by looking at the analytics which tells them when their resume has been viewed or downloaded so they know how and when to follow up!

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When you subscribe to the service, you get resume samples, a knowledge center, CV and International CV examples, a resume guide, a Student CV builder and a LinkedIn CV builder. The online desktop app serves different languages including French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Russian, Arabic and more.

The best thing is that it’s FREE!

Well its a “freemium” because for a $12 monthly upgrade, you get to access all CV and web designs, Multiple resume versions, can Export your resume as PDF and a Google Doc and get to eliminate the VisualCV branding. You also get access to Advanced CV tracking and personal domain name. Pretty awesome for just 12 bucks a month and would be worth it if you land that job.