Small Business Saturday: Support your local entrepreneur (Search Tool)


Small Business Saturday   November 29  2014   The U.S. Small Business Administration

Today is Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to promoting small businesses, mom and pop stores and other small entrepreneurs.

Small business fuel the economy as there are more of them than larger businesses.

For example, in Maryland, independent grocers generate $2.27B in annual sales and are responsible for over 20,000 jobs and wages $872.75 million.  That fuels $218M in state and local budget, and almost $200M in federal resources.

Given all the contentious dialogue going on these days around immigrants, it’s also a great time to highlight all the ways immigrants in America, including small business owners, also contribute to the economy.  One out of every 10 American workers is employed by an immigrant-owned business, and these firms contribute over $775 billion to the American economy, each year.


Today, the US Small Business Administration has paired up with American Express, a global launcher of Small Business Saturday, and the National Restaurants association and will be promoting various events to promote small biz.

Today, make sure you support a local small business.

Use this tool to find a participating small business near you HERE!