We thought this Hub for Connecting Talent with Already Funded StartUps was the Real Deal, then it folded

Startup Startup   Startup Startup

We love when pitch competitions produce great new startups that actually work and create great products for the market.

Back in 2012, the founders of StartUp StartUp (StartUp2) pitched an idea for a platform that would connect founders looking for talent with people who are UX designers, software engineers and with other digital and technical talent looking to join or work for a startup.

They won and the UK-based team set out to turn the concept into a real thing.

The  site was used by talent and Founders to connect. There are websites out there that do similar things, but we thought StartUp2 to be an easy to use web interface and easy to navigate. It was a perfect solution to cash-strapped lean startups.

A cursory search of the offerings after filling out a profile revealed a ton of jobs and other opportunities to join enterprising, and up and coming startups.

The only thing wrong was that most of the gigs were for UK-based companies and we were hoping it would grow to other areas of the world, but alas, those dreams came to a halt when the founders decided to close up shop this month.

Womp womp womp!

Ideally, some enterprising person or group should pick up the mantle and launch a similar service, perhaps here in the U.S.  Any takers?