You can Trend on Twitter too…For $200K a day


If you have access to 236 Million users of your social media platform, you can afford to charge $200,000 to promote a company, brand or product as a “trending topic”.

Big brands with big budgets pay that much to Twitter…daily! Wow!

Past customers include big dogs like Virgin, HBO, Samsung and JetBlue. It’s a lucrative buy because people often look to what’s trending and click on it when they go on Twitter. It’s a wonderful way to get your brand, product or business out there.

In 2013, CNET reported that Twitter generated $73 Million in Revenue from this offering. So one could imagine that number has jumped since then as more big box brands start exploiting Twitter’s captive audience.

Don’t worry if that is too rich for your StartUp’s budget. Promoted tweets and accounts are still available to little guys for a quite nominal amount and are sold through an auction system.

And of course, there is always Facebook… It boosts posts for as little as $20 per campaign.