Gummies, Cookies, Chocolate: 3D Food Printing is HERE!


The 3D printer revolution has taken off and naturally, with all the foodies in the world you had to know that it wouldn’t be long before 3D Food printers were a thing. Well, the time is now.

The world’s first ever 3D printer that makes gummies was exhibited at the Café Grün-Ohr in Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin late last month.

This year, four Chinese students who launched a 3D printing startup, The Hangzhou Printing Technology, in 2014 began selling popular Chinese moon cookies they printed out using a 3D printer.

3d print cookies

Using a CAD print and design center,  the Zhejiang University students were able to produce eagle-shaped moon cake cookies among other attempted shapes, and will sell them at the  Mid-Autumn Festival in China this week starting September 27 in packs of two, four, and six.

3d food printer

Also in China last month, a company named Becoda released an aluminium 3D food printer called the Qiao which can make small 3D figures and targets bars, pastry shops and restaurants. This device promises to be different than most 3D printers on the market that really just work as 2D plotters. Qio is supposed to make true three dimensional chocolate sculptures.

The future is bright and the possibilities are endless. Yup. All those cliches apply.

h/t 3D Printing Industry