iPhone 6 Most wanted features & Evolution of Smartphone (INFOGRAPHIC)


If you are one of the members of the infamous Apple iPhone cult of tech gadget addicts, you may be watching anxiously for the impending release of the iPhone 6 later today.

The TechYaya staff is eager for a version that has a better battery life and that can take better quality features. We will even take a large Samsung Galaxy Tab level of size if it means longer shelf life on the battery.

With all this eye towards innovation, it is important to remember that this all started decades ago with IBM‘s first smart phone, Simon which preceded the iPhone by a decade!

Check out this infographic from Finances Online that goes through the history of the smart phone up until the current time, and provides some useful stats on what iPhone users want and are anticipating in the next model.

iPhone Model History: How A List of Innovative Smartphone Features Changed In iPhone 5 And iPhone 5S / 5C