5 Reasons to Delete Your Social Media and Start Over

woman at laptop

Whether you’re concerned about what your potential investors will uncover during their due diligence stage of funding you, or you’re looking for a new job, here 5 reasons to clean up your social media posts across all platforms, compliments of author and entrepreneur Jason Pinchoff, who guest pens:

1. You Are Trying To Get That Dream Job:
In today’s world, employers should do their due diligence which mean social media accounts that are “public” or “shared” with friends or family can come up in searches.

So ask yourself; is this my most professional side? If you have to think about it, delete it!

2. You’re Dating Someone New:
I get it, you don’t want to delete all those memories, even with an X partner…  Because it has awesome photos of yourself and or of dope locations or food snaps.

But remember, you are about to embark on a new journey and your new boo might not want to see “people, places and things” you experienced with another individual.


3. You Do Not Need New Friends Or Associates To See Your “oy” Moments:
If you are looking back at photos and you are drunk, but you never want an employee to see and judge you, ARCHIVE them or just delete those kind of images.

They can only come back to haunt you when you least expect.

4. You Do Not Need Anyone Knowing Your Lifestyle Choices:
You need to worry about those who see your lifestyle and might want to use you.

Those private jet photos with friends and drinking $1,000 bottles of champagne or fancy hotels to over the top food– It all can attract the wrong people to you.

Therefore, think before you post!

5. It’s Always Refreshing To Start New:
Think of all the new exciting moments you can create and post.

We all know you love those food snaps and love best friends in laughing moments. Take advantage of Instagram’s new feature ‘archive’ and start to think of your life as a public life…. Show what you know you can explain if you ever need to.

Remember your lifestyle should always be private, but most importantly, be classy and respectful.

It can only make your offline life that much greater knowing you have peace of mind. Make sure you check regularly your privacy settings.

All platforms seem to “update” which will make posts/photos public again! That is why you need to make sure whatever you post you are okay with the world knowing, because the reality is, they just might.

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